Bring out the Yellow Collar in you!

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All roles are
 Work from Home 

 4 day work week 
6 hours per day 


This role is being the right hand person to our CEO Mala Mary Martina. Assisting the CEO in growth, calendar management, attending online meetings etc

In short leverage your communication skills and technology to help the CEO grow the company. 

Role: FULL time

CTC: 2.5L - 4L 


Executive Assistant to the CEO

Designing on Laptop
Designing on Laptop

Design for Impact

Can your graphic design skills make people think, take action and bring out the best in them? If yes, we are looking for you to create powerful visual content for our digital and offline marketing endeavours. 

JD: Creating graphic content for IG, Linkedin and Marketing materials

Role: FULL time

CTC: 2.5L - 4.0L 

Good with multitasking, people and processes? Have attention to detail. We need you. We need you to ensure companies and teenagers have a legendary internship experience through our platform. This job is not for the faint hearted. This is for the go-getters!

JD: Mentoring & assessing teens, managing experts from companies, strong follow ups to ensure smooth functioning of the internship. 

Role: FULL time

CTC: 3L - 4.5L 

Math Homework

Mentoring with substance

Love to listen, understand and empower people? Especially Gen-Z? Know what it feels like to be a teen today and want to identify want a teenager is good at? We would love for you to join us. we are all about teen empowerment!

JD: Mentoring & assessing teens; Mentoring them on future ready skills. Occasionally Coming up with training modules for them to better themselves. 

Role: FULL time

CTC: 2.5L - 4L 

Management for REAL!

People work best when things are organised. People work best when the foundation is strong. People work best when all they need can be accessed easily. We need your help to get organised so we can continue to do what we are good at. Must be good with picking up Technology.

JD: Setting processes and paperwork across all departments. 

Role: FULL time

CTC: 2.5L - 4.0L 

Work Desk

Paperwork & Operations