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Bring out the Yellow Collar in you!

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Gig & Full time roles you can apply for


  1. Who can apply for these roles?
    Anyone with over 3 year of experience will be eligible for these roles. At this point in time, we will not accept applications from current highschool, undergrads or post-graduates pursuing full-time courses. However they can apply for paid internships by writing to us at or check out

  2. What is gig? 
    Gigs are projects that an individual can engage in part time, while pursuing other part time roles in various fields. For example: you could be engaged in online tutoring for 2 hours a day and can also take up a gig in virtual mentoring or project management. Not applicable for those who are working full time. 


  3. Are these roles part-time or full-time?
    The roles that mention Gig are part time/project based roles. Full-time roles are also available. .


  4. Would I be required to travel to work/move to a different location?
    No, all roles are remote. You will be free to work from any location :)


  5. How do I apply to any of these roles?
    You can apply for any of these roles by writing to (  
    Please mention the role you are applying for in the subject line ) or by clicking on APPLY button against the respective JD. 

  6. What is the selection process/criteria for these roles?
    We are a company filled with Passionate people. Our culture is very important to us, hence we have several rounds on hands-on skill based interview process. The kinda people who hustle to make a difference to the next-gen. Along with Passion we value skill sets highly. 
    We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, LGBTQ, etc.


  7. What is the remuneration/pay structure?
    Pay will be based on skillset and attitude. We DO NOT offer equity as part of CTC upto year 1 of completion. Post which based on performance we may put you on a equity consideration plan.  


  8. Who should NOT apply? 
    Anyone who wants a job just to pay the bills alone and believe that ''work is a burden''. 

Active & Passive

This role requires the Mentor to discover the interests and skills of a high school student, create a roadmap of growth and Mentoring plan. Sit through their virtual internships and identify their strength and areas of opportunity. In short, work with the child end to end and ensure their success!


 Role: Gig role/Part time

Role type: Virtual

Duration of Commitment: 1 year minimum

Commercials: INR 550/hour - INR 1000/hour

Openings: 5

Designing on Laptop
Support Call

Business Development

This is a pure Business development and Sales role. You will be required to work on the leads to convert to them to customers and ensure they are given the service we promised. This involves working with schools, Channel Partners, Students and Parents in and outside of India. 

 Role: Part time 

Duration: 5 hours per day

Role type: Virtual and sometimes in person

Duration of Commitment: 1 year minimum

Commercials: INR 40,000/month plus incentives

Openings: 2



Must ensure all departments of the organisation work efficiently. Your job will be to manage people and processes and track the growth of the individuals and company. Must have effective communication skills along with great attention to detail and problem solving. 

 Role: Full Time

Duration: 5.5 days a week

Role type: Virtual and sometimes in person

Duration of Commitment: 2 years minimum

Commercials: INR 50,000/month - 60,000/month 

Openings: 1

Work Desk

Paperwork & Operations

Second screen showcasing

Social Media Executive

ILM has a robust presence across Social Media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We are looking for a driven individual who can manage these platforms effectively.

What you will be doing?
1. Formulating a social media strategy along with the founding team and executing the strategy
2. Create content commensurate with company values and posters for social media
3. Creating a social media calendar for sustained and coordinated posting across channels

Who can apply?
1. Experience with social media (Either you have managed or are managing a personal/professional social media account)
2. Hands-on experience in creating designs using illustrator or canva and video editing skills

Role: FULL time

Duration: 5.5 days a week

Role type: Virtual and sometimes in person

Duration of Commitment: 2 years minimum

Commercials: INR 50,000/month

Openings: 1

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